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Forgot AdaptLearning Admin Password

Here are the steps I’ve done when I lost my Adaptlearning admin password. Avoiding to reset the entire installation, I decided to dive in to the shell. Then, I found that the user and database are exist. Turns out, Adaptlearning uses Bcrypt for hashing the password. Oh ya, my condition was that I forgot my MongoDB’s admin password as well. XD Lanjutkan membaca Forgot AdaptLearning Admin Password

Star Wars : Edmodo, GClassroom, etc

So the technology has been around here, even in education sector. I’ve “windowshopped” GoogleClassroom since the first time I came here. And I’ve tried to optimize our Computer Lab potentials to establish a computer-based learning. After I’ve been ordered to analyze learning tools, some questions came to my mind. However in this note, I’d like to compare some tools ordered by before, plus my own analysis and questions.

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