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The Greatest Plan

Well, I am not the type of guy who can easily falling in love. I mean, what is love, anyway? I know I heard some people even be die-hard-fans of the coolest person in this place. They wrote him in their diary, they took the photos and uploaded it to Instagram. Once they get the opportunity to meet him, no, they had prepared their live Snap acting that it was their once-in-a-lifetime chance to get close with him, especially in the gym. They could actually meet him like everyday, aren’t they?. But, I have never thought that having such a crush changed one’s life. I agree with a quote that says, “To accept the true meaning of love ones should not believe that there is no such thing as romanticism in this world”. Actually I myself do not understand about that saying, haha.

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Kutipan-kutipan yang Paling Berpengaruh Dalam Hidup Saya

Saya ridha kalau ada startup yang pengen website dengan ide seperti ini.

Intinya ini bentuk terimakasih dari seorang semacam saya, seorang yang linguistik, yang cukup mudah mengingat kata-kata yang berkesan untuk kemudian diingat terus menerus, kepada teman-teman yang pernah mengatakan kutipan berlian ala mereka pada saya.

Sekali lagi, untuk yang saya hormati, nama-nama di bawah ini, terima kasih; Anda telah memperkaya hidup dan cara pandang saya. (Halaman ini akan terus diperbaharui)

Salam, Muhammad Fadlian Amhar.

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Yesterday, when I was in charge of being in front of school gate, suddenly second grader was hugged me. And then another girl again. Though I’m not teaching their class.

Man, 2 little girls. OK that was rrreeaally awkward.