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The Greatest Plan

Well, I am not the type of guy who can easily falling in love. I mean, what is love, anyway? I know I heard some people even be die-hard-fans of the coolest person in this place. They wrote him in their diary, they took the photos and uploaded it to Instagram. Once they get the opportunity to meet him, no, they had prepared their live Snap acting that it was their once-in-a-lifetime chance to get close with him, especially in the gym. They could actually meet him like everyday, aren’t they?. But, I have never thought that having such a crush changed one’s life. I agree with a quote that says, “To accept the true meaning of love ones should not believe that there is no such thing as romanticism in this world”. Actually I myself do not understand about that saying, haha.

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#21cFinnEdu: A Seminar Candid-Review

Most people and also educators believe that education is the most powerful weapon

We would agree as well, wouldn’t we? But, we might question on what matter that we fight against; or to tame to.

We are facing : the Century. The technology. The needs. The enhanced dreams. The competition climate. …. the Change. Lanjutkan membaca #21cFinnEdu: A Seminar Candid-Review

Forgot AdaptLearning Admin Password

Here are the steps I’ve done when I lost my Adaptlearning admin password. Avoiding to reset the entire installation, I decided to dive in to the shell. Then, I found that the user and database are exist. Turns out, Adaptlearning uses Bcrypt for hashing the password. Oh ya, my condition was that I forgot my MongoDB’s admin password as well. XD Lanjutkan membaca Forgot AdaptLearning Admin Password