The Greatest Plan

Well, I am not the type of guy who can easily falling in love. I mean, what is love, anyway? I know I heard some people even be die-hard-fans of the coolest person in this place. They wrote him in their diary, they took the photos and uploaded it to Instagram. Once they get the opportunity to meet him, no, they had prepared their live Snap acting that it was their once-in-a-lifetime chance to get close with him, especially in the gym. They could actually meet him like everyday, aren’t they?. But, I have never thought that having such a crush changed one’s life. I agree with a quote that says, “To accept the true meaning of love ones should not believe that there is no such thing as romanticism in this world”. Actually I myself do not understand about that saying, haha.

My name is Bro, and I do not know how to do a handstand like him. I am still learning. There is always a hope for tomorrow. Tomorrow never knows. All I know is that I do not know. What was I babbling about? Moving on!


Among more than 25 people from this room, I also was not so good at tackling subjects. Some kids said that I was good at sport because I tackled the goalkeeper from another room across the principal’s throne until he cried so hard then went home with his mama. I thought I was lucky at that time, because nobody could see me crying as well, due to heavy rain on the field. Quite dramatic, huh? Do not tell anyone. Overall, I did not get much motivation to top the quizzes and exams.


The last month’s incident altered me. A girl with properly-worn hijab came to my life. Maybe she only was following this labyrinth of fate. She was so charming as her homeroom even always called her “sugar”. She also was sweet like sugar that made everyone came to her right before the deadly math exam, like the actual legion of ants that met with sugar. How did I know? Hah! I am good at spying now. At the end of month, we passed the same bridge near Kindergarten’s area, seeing each other’s face innocently. Then I smiled. Well, she did not.


You must know that a smile from her is all what I want now. Learning from the past, mastering handstand is the only path I should walk on, to reach that goal. I went to Youtube, searching the easiest way to train myself to do that. Some channels are even showing that handstand is a good exercise to practice life’s balance. Correct me if I am wrong, but seeing from from my parents, life is all things on my head. In conclusion, it inspires me to balance between sleep and awaken, drinking and eating, math and sport. I have to excel all of those things.


I went home earlier to train my arms handling all my body upside-down. I fell down again and again. I was uploading myself to the timeline just now but no one loved that picture. I forgot that it was the second picture I have now, beside a picture about me frowning while looking at my father’s camera. I just realized that I didn’t have any follower because I just made that account few hours ago from that time.


Then an SMS came to my inbox, telling me that the credit has finished. I felt isolated. Then another SMS came again, my friend Bray, who understands my struggle, telling that my goal might be disappeared this week because of her moving out to other city. Months and months have passed and I was there left behind with sorrow and fatigue arms. I will not give in.


Remembering that imaginary smile always made me felt ambitious. Knowing that I was not really good at everything, I have figured myself an ultimate way to face this reality. I need a future plan. A brave plan I learned from my older brother to complete this unseen puzzle.
A greatest plan.


I am planning to study math and work super hard to get money to buy some house for both of us. If we have that house, by living in a balanced life, we will raise the baby until that baby graduated from university. We will build a happy family until we die. To mention that plan, I will do the handstand tomorrow in front of public so that people know that I am a romantic guy in this area. And after that, she noticed my gymnastic attraction, I will do a secret move as a finishing.


“Bray. I decide to propose her and get married. What do you think of my plan?” said myself to him next to me.


He said, “Oh come on, you’re still an 8th grader!”


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