#21cFinnEdu: A Seminar Candid-Review

Most people and also educators believe that education is the most powerful weapon

We would agree as well, wouldn’t we? But, we might question on what matter that we fight against; or to tame to.

We are facing : the Century. The technology. The needs. The enhanced dreams. The competition climate. …. the Change.

Anyway, there were many people come here. From Bandung and Bali as well. For a short meeting.

Surprisingly, this morning, he emphasized more on the Role of Parents, as the energizer of their system.

“We think that we need to do more. The school, the parents, etc. But we are actually do less to achieve more”

He, , is the Dream School Project coordinator in Finland. They use the Cloud to deliver the education

while I’ve been thinking to simplify the concept of cloud in a local and closed network, lol

Finland. They have the cold environment. This has been implied to their character, a little bit (not to generalize).

They have their own way to smile.

Far before we improve the education, in the micro-scope, he stated that we all need to start from being the Parent.

It is believed that we need to invest the effort from the very beginning : Kindegarten

Oh ya, he disproved that there are many polar bears there, haha

So they prepare the open space for the early aged kids. There are sand and castle and mini excavator

Within a fairly small (but bigger than Surabaya, he said) population, they have been a great community throughout their history.

Crawling from being called as 3rd world country, they came out as the world’s influence of educational system.

We definitely need to learn from that. Indonesia ditakdirkan untuk Berjuang, isn’t it?

And also, they share a same thing : Islands. IMO, we can apply the same thing (except the cultural diversity in Indonesia 🙂 )

The Flexible space of classroom. They apply very well the flexibility of room design. He suggested us to use wheel chairs.

Some schools here also have the sofas and pillows inside the class. This is important to make the home-y aspect

The 45mins study+20mins break came from Industrial age. So they extended it to be 75mins + a looong break. I forgot the mins.

So, just like what our student-activists always foster us, youths are being prepared for the society. They more on this.

.. on the passion-fostering, on the free-to-choose daily decision, on the independent-learning environment, etc.

This reminds me on how Japan lets children to prepare their own lunch, or Pesantren model here.

At this point, I feel so win, to run my classes in an anti-mainstream paradigm, hahahaha. Moving on!

“Not, I, who raise him; He’s raising me” , showed us his son’s smiling photo

They internalize very well (IMO) their motto: “No Child Left Behind”. Somehow I see the less-authoritative on parents’ side. .

So, anak-anak, don’t jump too deep on consuming Gadgets. Don’t let yourself left behind, maan. Make one 🙂

People here, in a strong culture, might disagree w/ the less-authoritative parenting. But, it’s an art, I guess.

While many parents correcting his own kids who said that they wanted to be an actor, by saying: “It’s pronounced DOCTOR”,

By focusing on eat-sleep-play aspect of children, they found and achieved more. Interesting.

At a glance, IMO this is definitely an “authoritative”. The parents are fully aware of the development.

Although parents there aren’t really in-to PTAs, hehehe. Same here.

By process, they also utilize the 4Cs (communication, collaboration, critical thinking, creativity)

The creativity itself is a central of a spectrum from: Collaboration, Crit. thinking, Communication. From other perspective.

Wah, we haven’t mentioned the Design Thinking yet, ini.

Therefore, Students and Teachers are being creative at the same time. Student is a mice, so teacher is. (real KG photo, hehe)

When I remember that the kids here were presenting their simple application and storytelling their powerpoint as the exam….

.. I feel: WIN! :-)) But seniors here must be super great at teaching the kids, though.

Next. To a school, we need to 1) Smartly manage the money (We need ust. Yusuf Mansyur’s lecture at this, hehe)

2) A Director that allows you to di crazy things (like creating ‘s Dream School Project -internationally-)

3) Focus to the students (Parents ft. Teacher)

and a huge amount of Patience, Trust and Respect above all.

“because, we might “waste EUR 500.000″ to abandon 1 child’s education in society” ?

We need to prepare the to collaborate, and a solid idea of balance between Knowledge and Wellbeing among the students

and Aqidah of course, okeeee

You might know a Japanese architecture designer who designs the KG with open-space, artificial rain, big tree, etc.

But the keypoint was: the Creative Environment

So even if we let the teenagers choose their own group in classroom or even let KG students create their own portfolio,

they found a deep finding. The rule of: “Less is More” is applicable in education as well!

By focusing on the environmental learning design, the young humans could learn naturally

On the macro area, the mainstream policy is renewed once per 10 years. I see a strong-will here on the politics side.

By the end of this day, I met with cons. Some said that “We are different”, “Obvy points”, “are we all going to adopt it?” etc

But I remember that to gain knowledge, somehow, we need to lower “our glass”.

Of course we will have our own policy, opinion, “market” and all. So, by learning , at least we could know how it feels like..

Ah, saya beruntung ditugasi jadi operator pagi ini, di acara yang gak pernah saya minta. :’-|

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