Forgot AdaptLearning Admin Password

Here are the steps I’ve done when I lost my Adaptlearning admin password. Avoiding to reset the entire installation, I decided to dive in to the shell. Then, I found that the user and database are exist. Turns out, Adaptlearning uses Bcrypt for hashing the password. Oh ya, my condition was that I forgot my MongoDB’s admin password as well. XD

  1. Use the Robomongo.
  2. Create another admin on your MongoDB, then of course modify your former admin’s password. Example 1. Example 2.
  3. Learn BCrypt a bit. Then look at this.
  4. Use Robomongo to modify Bcrypt-ed password by filling it with a bcrypt string as we converted it through the calculator above.

If it is even still stucked on the server connection due to changes:

If it is error on $PATH environment:

If there is a problem with blabla :

Of course you might need to install the compatible version of node in order to work with Adapt.

> . ~/.nvm/
> nvm install 4.2.6
> nvm use 4.2.6

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