Forgot AdaptLearning Admin Password

Here are the steps I’ve done when I lost my Adaptlearning admin password. Avoiding to reset the entire installation, I decided to dive in to the shell. Then, I found that the user and database are exist. Turns out, Adaptlearning uses Bcrypt for hashing the password. Oh ya, my condition was that I forgot my MongoDB’s admin password as well. 😄

  1. Use the Robomongo.
  2. Create another admin on your MongoDB, then of course modify your former admin’s password. Example 1. Example 2.
  3. Learn BCrypt a bit. Then look at this.
  4. Use Robomongo to modify Bcrypt-ed password by filling it with a bcrypt string as we converted it through the calculator above.

If it is even still stucked on the server connection due to changes:

If it is error on $PATH environment:

If there is a problem with blabla :

Of course you might need to install the compatible version of node in order to work with Adapt.

> . ~/.nvm/
> nvm install 4.2.6
> nvm use 4.2.6

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