Notes of Absence (II)

SEP ICT (28th March 2016)

Assalamualaykum warahmatullah wabarakatuh.

Allright here are the alternative activities that need to be done for today, so moving on :

  • We need a poetry. Does someone of you guys can make a poetry about “teenager”? I mean, what’s inside your mind, heart and soul of finding yourself, to be written in a monologue? *don’t mind the grammar*
    • So later on, this monologue can be the backsound of our stopmo.
  • We can start merging the soundtrack that Sandy has found last week, with visual material
  • Find researches about teenager of any aspects. We can add it to our video. Remember, powerpoint can add a chart animation, which is interesting.
  • Arsa, find pictures about sign language. We will use those pictures later to make a “sign lang.” subtitle.
  • Save all the projects files on
  • For others, you can focus on your last-week-unfinished bussiness

Nice tutorial

Vector Design :

Class 5a (29th March 2016)

So for today, we can move to the animation of Microsoft Powerpoint 2010. In general, we describe an animation as series of displaying an object/things in same or different display within a time range. Animation is usually being relied as a compulsory feature to present information. Today, we are going to train on how to make a motion animation in this software.

Imagine that you are going to explain in detail how “Durian Ice Cream” recipe being made. At a glance, you might want to separate objects between the cup, ice cream, black sticky rice (ketan hitam), chocolate milk, spoon, and durian itself. Or, when you want yo explain the casts of a movie, you would need a picture of each roles. This also applies on a science experiment animation. Then, you could animate it separately.

So, continue pairing and progress your animation from your previous file. Here I share the example tutorial of working with motion animation. Take a look, and have some animation experiment there using your team’s imagination. Good luck. Don’t forget to save your progress.

note : Google “free clipart” if you need it.


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