Absent Notes

Assalamualaykum warahmatullah wabarakatuh.

Dear Mr., Ms., and students.

I apologise for being absent due to my health condition. Here are the activities expected for being done by students of 5b, 4b, 4a, 6, 7, and 8.

Grade 5b

Continuing our project, please :

  • Gather with your pair
  • Reopen your files on desk folder in C:, whether it’s “New Volume”, or “WINDOWS”.
  • Last week you’ve worked on the outline. Yes, we can move to the design, now.
  • Have some research on “Cool Presentation Design” keyword, through your internet browser there.
  • From the examples above, please continue your slides by designing your current slides. Focus on the colors, page setup, etc, not the animation.
  • Good luck, don’t forget to use your book and save your progress on the same file 🙂

Grade 4b, then 4a

Allright, we’ve been working with colors. So for today :

  • I’m expecting you to get the idea of the order/sequence/urutan of drawing. This means that you have to plan which tool that you have to use firstly; would that be drawing with Pencolor, or PenScreen first? You may use paper & pencil-color. There are some pens and pencils on my desk. You may borrow.
  • Make your favorite object such as fruit, vegetables, vehicles, etc, by using colors
    • Please use Pensize, PenColor, PenFlood and PenScreen.
    • Today avoid do a random thing :-). It’s time to decide what are you going to draw.
    • Save the bitmaps and name it with “your name – Object Name”

Grade 6

Hello, students.

There are 2 alternative things that you could choose.

  1. Film-discussion. Discuss which part of your first version Movie that need revision. (Again? Yes it is. Don’t get satisfied too early :-)). I put my suggestions below (I hope Ms Aquita & Mr. Fathan Al read this).
    • Suggestions :
      • Learn to pause. Some of your scenes were too quick. Even on your funny scenes. Give the audiences time to laugh :-).
      • But, shorten some scenes that showing actor/actress who were waiting for “Action!” or “Cut!” sign.
      • If it’s allowed, I’d recommend you to move a little bit the party scene to a more-upper side of the screen. Just to cover girls knee. They’re precious, so guide them, oke ;-).
      • Dialogue-related suggestions are following Ms. Aquita’s. I just recommend that you have to hear the exact dialogue, while closing your eyes, to check whether the dialogues were smoothly played.
        Oh ya, I’d agreed for the additional shooting, if it’s possible.
      • Please. Decide your grade-6 soundtrack. This to make your movies be “only you”.
  2. Or, if you want to be introduced of Computer Science. Try to visit : code.org/learn, finish a game and get a digital certificate as a coder. Haekal probably knows this.


Again, I’m so sorry for being absent.

Please get inside the computer room but don’t make too much noises while Primaries are there, okay.

  • Sandy-senpai, please use my computer in front. Install OpenShot (the blue colored icon). I recall that I have downloaded it. Hmm, check it ya :-p
    If you want to try, you can compile ALL of our team workings.
  • Erza, use PC06 because I have installed a 2010 version of Microsoft Office. Continue
  • Farras. Bro, use your gmail account to make a shared folder on drive.google.com. Share to our google mail accounts. My account is : eduardo7r0b@gmail.com. So that we can save our progress here.
  • Arsa. Ar, use color on your bumper. Then, research on the net, of how to convert an SWF to an AVI file. Download something if it’s needed.
  • Tami. Tam, continue your bumper, whether you want to use your tab or Inkscape. Your working will be the main title. Think of anime openings. You’ll be the main artist.
  • Khalishah. Please find a music that fits with “our movie title”. Let’s say we’re taking a 5-6 minutes of video. Find the Free music, just like kak Randi did on the last sem. Example : https://www.youtube.com/audiolibrary/music
  • Athif. Do you remember our shooting with Rafi? When he jumped and we were taking stop-mo pictures there? Please have an exercise of making a sprite animation.


Dear Mr. Ali.

If you’re free, I need your help to try another thing upstair. I’ve posted a question on VM & Xambro topics regarding to failed CBTsync application. Yesterday, my plan was to duplicate the VHD (I think we already have it), then start over the process.

So to do that, please triplicate once more (so we have 3) vanilla version of the VHD. Then, have a patching process inside that new VM. Our goal is to open CBTSync inside the VM, since I’ve tried over & over and it’s been locked by a virtual admin too. Ugh.

As far as I know, it would be still okay if we synchronized after the due dates.

Oh ya, there is a new Xambro which I have placed on the “Final” Folder. Kindly check it, Mr.

Thank you so much.


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