Star Wars : Edmodo, GClassroom, etc

So the technology has been around here, even in education sector. I’ve “windowshopped” GoogleClassroom since the first time I came here. And I’ve tried to optimize our Computer Lab potentials to establish a computer-based learning. After I’ve been ordered to analyze learning tools, some questions came to my mind. However in this note, I’d like to compare some tools ordered by before, plus my own analysis and questions.


  • Has 4.1 rating on GooglePlay website (link)
  • Social Media concept : Promote students’ collaboration
  • Class/course based group users.
  • Teacher could share materials (slides, links, assignments etc) that quite flexible of where the links come form
  • Able to accessed through Web or Mobile (with a different interface)
  • Parents could see their kids’ activities by accessing a unique code; so they should have an Edmodo account also
  • Lively user community on twitter

Google Classroom

  • Has 4.0 rating on GooglePlay website (link)
  • Overall same features with Edmodo (relatively), except for their User Interface
  • -Predictably- well integrated with another Google Apps such as Youtube, Google Docs; which is a huge advantage.

In general, we have to follow an account registeration flow for those tools. It’s like they asking our mail, passwords, etc. Also, those user interfaces would be readable, if we’re used to. After we finished the registration, we could post or grade the assignments.

I think, the parent-teacher-student concept of those tools is amazingly break the myth that school policy is unknown by the parents. It’s been separated between Teacher class policy, student communication book, and parent awareness, before these days. Now, with these tools (also for Moodle, Schoology, etc), we would learn about accountability in classroom.

But, are we ready for using those tools?

The reason why I ask this question is because of a requirement which preceeds the usage. Rather than “debating” those tools, we instead should ask :

What exactly are we need, now?

Here is my analysis :

  • Parents awareness on their kids’ homework and other class announcements.
    But wait : Do we have Whatsapp group for parents? Why do we need another tools? Why don’t we use LINE officials account (just because this tools is so famous among teenager)?; Why don’t we use our existed website (for example :; then the internet could visit this page at anytime)
  • Students’ awareness of their own responsibilities (of course).
    For a trial, we could see how the students can see through themselves by giving these tools. But wait : Do they used to use an online documents, that forced them to be used to online at almost the time?
  • School / Teachers’ habit of handling an online forum. So, do our teachers have google account (for example) ?

 Final statement

So, if we have to choose one of those tools, I would like to choose Edmodo. The reasons are :

  • Social Media concept, which promotes students engagement and even teacher collaboration
  • Flexibility on email-username (because Google classroom probably requires the user to have a Google account before using it)

It would be no problem if we want to use Google Classroom; there is no significant drawback

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