Recap : Computer Lab Development

Here in this post, I would like to recap all of our computer lab updates. But anyway, feel free to come ūüôā

September 2015

Update : 3rd November 2015
  • Per-Teacher shared folder (through Networking)

By using this Map Networking Drive feature, students could access this folder which comes from Teacher’s shared folder. It’s like a usual uploading-downloading. It makes us easier to recap students’ files. We already have Ms. Ainun & Mr. Amhar network folders.¬†If you need it, please call me.

  • Students Monitoring

With the existed computer arrangement, it is urgent to monitor students’ PC without bothering their progress. We could monitor their progresses through iTALC & Epoptes. Fortunately, we could remote their computer (example : remote turn off). Please call me for the user & password.

Edubuntu is an Operating System (OS) specified for education purposes, because of its educational applications. We¬†have some applications related to Math, Astronomy, or even Keyboarding. So it’s basicly suitable for KG until Senior Highschool level.

To access this OS, please choose is when the PC is on Booting Process. Use arrow keyboard and select it by pressing Enter. I made it “flashy” (this screen below will only stay for 3 seconds counting).

However, due to memory and processor limitation of some PCs, not all of PCs are installed Edubuntu.




    KG      -tentative-
    Ms Ainun    08.15-09.25
    JH  9   11.50-12.30, 13.30-14.10
    Ms Ainun    08.15-09.25
    PRIM    5a  11.05-11.40
    PRIM    3a  8.15-8.50, 8.50-9.25
    KG      -tentative-
    PRIM    3b  09.55-10.30, 10.30-11.05
    JH  7   11.50-12.30, 13.30-14.10
    Ms Ainun    08.15-09.25
    PRIM    5b  09.55-10.30
    PRIM    4b  11.05-11.40
    PRIM    4a  11.40-12.15
    PRIM    6   13.15-13.40
    JH  8   11.10-11.50, 13.30-14.10


  • (Sudden) Blackout

Hypotheses : the culprit is that we had 2 AC units. Try to only turn only 1 AC on.


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