Miss Ina’s School Story

This was my writing practice, telling about my colleague’s school story after we interviewing each other on the session. Again, thank you, School!

Ms. Ina’s first school was an elementary school in Tangerang, from year 1997 until 2003. Then, she joined a Public School of Tangerang util 2006. Then she attended a vocational school until 2009. Unfortunately, she had to postpone her education because she had to get a job before that. Fortunately, she had graduated from Indra University on Ecomic Education major.
There are 3 things that made her always remember of her almamaters, those are her friends, her teachers and how she’d been growing up until that time. When she was in vocational school, she even had a lot of activities outside the classroom, ranging from extras until competitions.

Her favorite teacher was Mrs. Sofi. Mrs. Sofi treated her as a golden student compared to another students. The students even had been gossiping about her, just because of Mrs. Sofi’s special way to treat hear. At the same time, Mrs. Sofi motivated her to be responsible and more mature.

In contrast with her main occupation now, she was an accounting major student. Probably this was because of Mrs. Sofi’s influence for her for being responsible, just like how accounting meant to be.

Aaah. Would I pass the academic writing with this style of writing..? 😐


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