Internet : The Emerging Part of Popular Culture

No. My IELTS pred test is 5-band. So this is still sucks, as usual.

Here is my Explanation Text writing on the after-teaching program, in my workplace. Thank you Ms. Aquita for correcting mine; thank you, school.


Communicate with each other can be assumed as one of human’s basic needs. We, as a part of society, need each other to fulfill our personal needs.

Time goes on, people in this age tends  to get curious of something around them, beyound their environment. For example, Indonesian people can easily amazed by how Finland schools bypass the standarized test. How did this happen? The answer is internet. A : “In the introduction, the reader should be clear on what do you want to talk about in the text”

Nowadays, Internet is widely used in so many ways and purposes. Some people used for an educational purposes such as teachers and educators in general. On the other hand, some people used internet to gamble about who will win the game of soccer in wide scope. <— wtf

Me : I don’t even remember why I wrote “in wide scope”. Bah!

There It hads been found that Internet emerges as a new part of addition of the culture. The culture can be defined as the compilation of our behaviours, how we live the life everyday. Today, we could see that Internet has been touched our daily needs. A : Examples?

We see that people who used to use digital maps as their navigation on their car cannot be separated with internet. On the other cases, the culture of people who lived in an isolated areas / places (e.g tribal people) can be documented and published through internet. These two cases can conclude the statement that Internet has been is very near involved with people. A : this should be included in p4

Among all of the benefits, impacts and facts about how near involved is the Internet with people, the culture shouldn’t be faded by /in its presence. People should meet each other, ask each other and respect each culture that belong to themselves. At the same time, Internet should be partaken included in this age /era to enrich the society by bringing beneficial things such as to communicate. worldwidely.

A : Great text, I love the language that you use :). But you are learning towaards argumentative text. In explanatory text, you just need to pick a topic and explain / give info about the topic. There is no need to give opinions in the text.

Yup, still messed up. So don’t follow my steps :-).


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