Grows Exponentially


Imagine how Rasulullah [pbuh] draw an illustration for a particular material in his majelis, among all the sahabahs. Imagine how did someone draw an illustration, in the early age of literation or even visual art. The material which they’d talked is about a Man, his/her Dream, and the Reality. The question is how the early generation of muslim imagine that material and illustrate it into a drawing. It must be in so simple one right? True. But, you may guess one.

subjective illustration
subjective illustration

The components of the picture are : 1) The rectangle, which means Man; 2) The line, which means Man’s desires. We can conclude that we’ve always have desires that exceed our own imagination, our reality.


It’s quite hard to find an Anime/Dorama that bring Fate (or… faith?) content into the show. But, some Anime(s) that I’ve seen did it. “Dragon Zakura”, which brought the ending to a pretty realistic (not all of the students passed the exam) or “Uchuu Kyodai” which told the audiences that those brother don’t even meet in the moon, just like its movie poster itself. Or even Rasulullah [pbuh] who had almost gave up, then Allah Swt sent a surah : Al-Insyirah. Of course, behind a movie or TV show, there will be director(s)’ main idea played. So does Allah, eh? dragonzakura7Screenshot from []Space_Brothers_Episode_99_HD.mp4

“Life Changes, Promises Don’t”

I’ve always imagine that we in every second is walking to some centered point through a circular maze that move without our knowledge, regardless our goal and beyond time dimension. We live through how we think, feel, act, response, and pray of it. If we choose to be a criminal, so Allah Swt. will test us to be the one; and vice versa.

aand it’s moving to unknown direction, sporadically

The interesting one is, to be someone we desired, there always be a number of ways to reach for it. Some people be a leader at very young age; meanwhile another people had finally reached to their own dreams at very old age. The similarity is that they are keep on going and : be ARRIVED.

Attain it by Yourself!!

– Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

Here’s the idea :

What if we modify the illustration we’ve talked early to get a meaning?

I’ve discussed with the kids about that question. Their answers were creative whether the line be modified (cut or something),Screenshot from 2015-07-09 11:36:30the rectangle be moved, Screenshot from 2015-07-09 11:40:55 a filled-in-colour in the rectangle, Screenshot from 2015-07-09 11:37:18or my answer : stretch the rectangle; grow ourselves.

Screenshot from 2015-07-09 11:37:28

Surprisingly, they took another point of views to interpret that visual to some meaning for themselves.

From Ghibli's
From Ghibli’s “Tonari no Yamada”

Me, for myself, it’s all about acceptance. It is something that made our parents life day by day and raise us as children; something that made a college freshmen be proactive in lots of organisation/community in campus which he/she hated before; something that made mistakes is forgiven; something that made Assabiqunal Awwalun (or LINK) chooses Islam; something that made a our mother & father brought the laughter to their own home between bunch of problems; something that made us grew exponentially; something that made us be bigger-more than we imagined.

Tip : To accept something, we may be filled with angry. So… cultivate it nicely ok?

just like this one ^.

Happy and Sad Feeling

Umar bin Khattab said that he doesn’t care if Allah’s fate should’ve responsed with happy or sad feeling. But, as long as he still in the way that Allah wants, he would be on a right track. (I forgot its source)

note : so today is the day of SBMPTN announcement for the kids. Keep in fiery (on your hope), accept it and GROW EXPONENTIALLY OK!


I’ve found the exact Hadits!

“Dari Abdullah bin Mas’ud ra. berkata, “Nabi saw membuat garis persegi empat, dan ia menggaris (pula) di tengah yang keluar dari padanya. Lalu ia menggaris (lagi) beberapa garis kecil menuju ke garis yang di tengah ini dari sampingnya, yang berada di tengah. Lalu beliau bersabda,” Ini manusia, dan ini ajalnya yang mengelilinginya, dan garis yang keluar ini adalah cita-citanya, Adapun garis-garis kecil ini adalah harta benda. Dan jika ia terhindar dari yang ini, maka ia akan terkena yang ini.” (HR.Bukhari).

So, I’ve missed a critical point on the illustration. And it isn’t close enough! XD

source : LINK1; LINK2

So if it's Death that bound us individually, the content of my illustration should've changed also haha *sorry*.



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