Mother and Phone

I’m the the last one who have been experiencing in life-wandering (merantau in bahasa) for the first time, beside my brothers. Since I was a kid, I’d been living with my parents. My bigbro had experienced in Riau for 1 (or 2) year (s), my lilbro in DKI Jakarta for his internship.

So probably for the last time, my parents prepared almost-all of my needs and drove me until the place just like when I was in middle school orientation. My mother was even asked me whether I brought undies or not, before I went to the car on last June.

One thing that I’ve always hated is when I treated like a kid. But alas, my way of behaving, thinking, making a decision and dreaming is like a kid. At first I was thinking that those are too much (esp. the undies); but now I see that that kind of, let’s say, treatment is important for them.

My father always give me lots of advice even when I didn’t want or do it. I’ve always remembered what my mother said about finding a workplace in Bandung. Now I understand why am I registered by my parents in UPI, not in UNPAD Jatinangor. Now I understand, okan, although she considered it about this post-campus decision.

With help of my father’s office driver, we went to my workplace together. Actually, I’ve decided to bring nothing from my home but some important things, because I thought that I could buy it later . But my mother bought a lot of things from Bandung. She bought things from folding bed (which is a genius product! haha!) to portable stove. Therefore, we were having a trip to there.

Having arrived to the place, we prepared the room together. I was taught how to set the stove, what is in the electricity invoice, how tap water can be so important, etc, which are kind of overwhelming, heheh.

Knowing that my front door is broken, they even came back to my dorm to check whether I found difficulties to get in to the dorm. My father knew that I’m such a boy hahah. Then when in the afternoon, we were having ifthar plus Sauna! .

Before they went home, there wasn’t any important advice or nasihat for me. Until the next day.

My mother called up me in the morning…….. and asked about which clothes should be sent to here…… then cried awfully.

I was confused and anxious at the same time, for thinking something bad happened at home. I sent text to my brothers and my father about what was happened and make sure that everything was fine at once. You know, my heart was beating fast also. Then my father replied :

Umi sedih kamu udah enggak di rumah

Maybe I’m too late for experiencing life wandering. Better do a planned-phonecall.


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