The Sauna City


Finland known as a cold nation, not only its everyday weather but also the people. Although I haven’t go there yet, at least I knew it from Youtube, heheh. Anyway, this time we won’t talk about the weather.

As a cloudy place, Finland has a solution to overcome the cold temperature that is sauna. It has a lots of sauna place, where tourists or regulars came. As I know, sauna means place that surrounded by warm temperature that makes someone covered by sweats.

School Orientation Memory

I remember about this one. School Orientation (PLS) in my alma mater SMAN 5 Bandung has a “Sauna” session for all first (X-th) year students. It is organized by second and third (XI-th & XII-th) classes. The session itself held in the last part of PLS, in Badminton indoor field owned by school (we named it “Bangsal”). The Committee made us standing  in a narrow barricade where all of us were really anxious (for going home ASAP haha). The result : we were having Sauna.

I couldn’t find Bangsal’s picture

The thing that makes that experience is perfect was that committee’s oration about fraternity. The quote that always be remembered by us is :

LIMA Besar karena Kebersamaan

note : (LIMA’s Great through the Togetherness). Say that quotes while being covered by sweats! 🙂


For the closing, I would say that this city is a Sauna City for me. Inside the public transport, the dormitory, the masjid, the school, you’ll be covered in SWEAT!

Not for promoting #bandungBuligir (for Ridwan Kamil’s solidarity act to face the rules of football supporters last year), but I have to undressed my own t-shirt even when I’m in the dormitory. Even in this very room (i mean now when I wrote this, heheh). Oh yeah, don’t forget for the fan.

Mahsyar Plain

So with all the browsing and newly experience, this is the contemplaton : Will I be covered by sweats also in the afterlife?


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