Where are the “Good-Dad”(s) in Pop Culture?

I just can’t understand why I couldn’t often find -at least- a good example character of father of a family on cartoons/fictional drama. From Martin of the “Adventure Time” to Bear of the “Masha & The Bear”, I found it difficult to find a good-dad.

This short article will be broken down into 2 part including movies and songs.


Here are some movies I watched and made me frowned :

Dragon Zakura

Yusuke-father’s debt is paid

Adventure Time

Finn’s father is a criminal

Curious George

George’s “father” is a Human

Masha & The Bear

Masha’s “father” is a Nerd-Bear

Home Alone

Richie’s father forgot his own child

Hajime no Ippo

Ippo’s father, who doesn’t join the main plot (deceased)


Or, on some music I found, there was a lyric that told the audience that Dad is a jerk, implicitly. Astaghfirullah :-(.

Beat Crusaders – Clown for The Day


Honey, don’t make me blue
Honey, don’t make me a fool
Of what you see and what you hear”

So poor
That was every word she said
Mama leaving home away
Like there was nothing for all those years

Daddy phones everyone in town
(Where would you go?)
Don’t know how many people around
(Where would you go?)
He‘s in the guise
Everyone smiles
Hit the party all day

Papa‘s got been a clown for the day
Mama’s only one we lose

From the lyric above, we could see that the father is an important one, who could phone everyone. So the main character/first person said that father was just in the guise.

Heheh. This is my first (or second?) writing in english. I, then, recognized that writing in english was quite hard. So I have to train myself.

No, I’m thinking that people behind the scene of our movies should consider one point about how kids’ entertainment should depict a good dad character and make a good show for entire family.

The good news is, some of the asian drama could make it.


Cho-won’s father who reconcile with his family, on the last part of Movie

But, why, western… why? 😦


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