Pidato Nikahan

Ini pidato sang mertua (kayaknya), di awal film :

Takashi and Matsuko are off to a great start in their new life. Let’s give them a warm send-off.

Congratulations, Takashi and Matsuko. I also offer warm wishes to their parents and relatives.

Now, your prospects are boundless, and you’re embarking for the wide open world, under billowing sails.

Life, as they say, has its ups and downs. At times, the waves may taunt you, tossing you in their swells. But take heart.

It’s hard to stick with it and make it on your own, but even a couple of losers can survive most things if they’re together.

So listen, take my advice and have children as soon as you can.

Children are the best reason for riding out life’s storms. Nowadays people say child-rearing is challenging and difficult, but we’ve done it from time immemorial.

Children grow even without parents.

So hold them close to your heart as they crawl, then walk. They’ll be fine. Children make you appreciate your own parents.

Parents may seem to do nothing but order you around, but they’ll baby-sit your kids and sometimes give them toys.

Nowadays young people turn that saying about appreciating parents to their own advantage. But I guess that’s part of it too.

If things work out, you even get the real estate. So Matsuko and Takashi, start looking after your folks!



And what should you fear most on this lifelong voyage? Wild storms and rip tides?

No. Beware the calm waters, when there’s hardly a ripple in sight.

As long as a family holds each other tight, they can somehow weather the wildest seas.

But calm waters are another story.

The wind dies down, you sigh and relax, loosening your clasp.


But take care, Matsuko and Takashi!

If in the calm you selfishly please only yourselves, you may lose each other.

You’ll never see the sharks gathering around you.

And how will you guide your ship?

Without a wind, or even a course?

If you row blindly, right, no, left, no, right after all, you’ll never agree.

You may even wonder why you’re stuck on the same boat at all.

Your family’s about to fall apart.

Nah kalau ini pidato Yamada sebagai mertua (juga, kayaknya) di akhir film :
Next, Mr. Yamada will offer his congratulations.

Your notes, dear. (Sang istri memberikan catatan kecil pidato)


Um… This is a fine, auspicious day…

Cucumber, garbage bags, light bulbs <—- tulisan di catatan kecil. Yap; ini catatan yang salah. Istri tepok jidat.

Life is full of surprises…

Now…that is, up until now…things seemed to be just fine…then suddenly, you’re shoved off a cliff!

By…your trusted spouse, of all people!

But Ichiro and Kazuko…

You have to accept life as it comes.

Acceptance is the key to surviving the worst situations, without losing heart or breaking up.

Even the worst behavior… can be accepted and forgiven if there is no malice.

In fact, must be forgiven so one can go on with life!

It’s not necessarily bad to resign yourself to a situation.

In fact, it’s essential. A must for a happy family.

A must for facing life and getting on with it.

Though it may sound negative, ‘acceptance’ is the only way out of totally unacceptable situations.

Um, well, that is, I mean.

So, my dear Ichiro and Kazuko, congratulations on your wedding.

May you be a tough, harmonious couple.


Diambil dari film “Tonari no Yamada-kun” alias “Yamada Tetanggaku”

Bonus nih :


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