The Bungy

the room is so hot that the glass might melt
rickety sunshine, please, leave me alone today

that gossipy TV program
is casting all the bad news, there is no dream, NO NO NO
against my hope, the tarot in TV tells me bad fortunes
I’ve got used to them

what I really want to say, is always in my cage
because of my worn-out pride, SOS won’t be heard

if I could say that in my heart I’m still Peter Pan
someday I’ll be running as I’m tricked

now, crawl against the wind
forget about troubles yesterday, and fly
flutter your heart to the world pure white
bring me to there

“we both haven’t wings to fly” what are saying?
don’t make an excuse, just run

now, sail with the wind
open your wings of heart and fly
between the sky and the ground,repeating UP&DOWN
searching for tomorrow

just don’t close your eyes

Link to the source:

Nico Touches The Walls


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